My 25-Pound Weight Loss

I remember the day – June 28, 2016.

I looked in the mirror and asked myself, “what happened?”

I weighed 162.5 lbs at the time, which was very unhealthy for my small 5’5′ frame.

I was also dealing with numerous health concerns (nearly 30). I was convinced I was dying or had MS or something else serious, but thankfully medical tests ruled those things out.

One night in September my husband and I were both scared when I got incredibly dizzy and disoriented, to the point I could not walk on my own. Something was clearly wrong despite tests showing I was in picture-perfect health. I had grown sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

Thus began my journey to getting serious about my health. I wanted to get to the bottom of why I felt so tired, achy, couldn’t sleep well, had digestive issues, sensitivities, depression, intense food cravings/food addiction and host of other problems.

I had always been somewhat skeptical of detoxes and cleanses, not really sure if they were safe or worked. But the more I researched the topic the more led I felt to give it a try. A friend of mine recommended the Arbonne 28-Day Cleanse and after some investigating I decided I had nothing to lose in trying it – if it didn’t work I could get a 100% refund and then carry on with troubleshooting.


For the 28 days I eliminated all corn, soy, dairy, gluten-full, and sugar containing foods & focussed on eating whole foods. At the same time I used various supplements to help eliminate toxins from my body. When I started I had no idea what to hope for or expect.

Remember those 30 health concerns I had? After the cleanse I could name only 4 that still persisted (some of which will never go away as I have an autoimmune condition). I felt great, better than I had in years! And my weight? I lost nearly 8 pounds in those 28 days without feeling like I was trying! This translated to 5″ lost in my chest (going from an XL top to a S/M top), 9″ in my waist, and 4″ in my hips. I tend to carry extra weight up top and this is reflected in where I lost most of my weight.)


The summer of 2016 I reached my heaviest recorded weight (non-pregnant) – 162.5 pounds. Four months later I am 25.5 pounds down (now in a healthy weight range, woohoo!), keeping it off (thanks to a Paleo diet) and am enjoying life again. I feel great!

If you are interested in trying out the supplements that I used, I’d be happy to give you more information. Just leave a comment with an email address and we can talk.

Have you experienced breakthroughs in your health journey? I’d love to hear about them! 


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