Ways to Care for Your Postal Carrier When It’s Hot

We rely upon them daily. Without them bills would not be paid. No newspapers, magazines, or circulars would wait for us in our mailboxes. Birthday cards, letters and other gifts would not arrive.

A lot goes in to getting our daily stack of mail to us. No matter the weather or the temperature postal carriers work hard at their jobs and we reap the benefits. Postal carriers are often forgotten, especially in extreme weather.

Where I live postal carriers walk and hand-deliver our mail to our boxes (on our front porches). In the summer months they don’t have the option to escape the heat like I do.

Here are some simple and meaningful ways to refresh your postal carrier in the heat:

  • if you are home when the mail arrives, personally offer your mail carrier a cold drink {lemonade or water}.
  • if you won’t be home leave a cooler with a glass or two of ice cold lemonade or water next to
  • your mailbox with a note that lets them know to enjoy a drink {make sure you pack ice or
  • freeze packs in the cooler to keep things chilled}
  • leave some cold, damp rags in a cooler so you carrier can freshen up after a sweater route {don’t forget ice to keep the inside of the cooler chilled}
  • leave a motorized hand-fan at the mail box as a gift {or one of those mist bottles with a fan attached}
  • offer a seat on your porch {or somewhere in the shade} for your mail carrier to sit and rest for a few minutes (they are not allowed to enter your home while on the clock)
  • offer a cold treat to your letter carrier {or leave one in an ice-filled cooler if you won’t be home}
  • you can also leave a note attached telling your carrier how much you appreciate all the hard work they do. A kind word can make a huge impact an refresh the soul.

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