My Road To Adrenal Recovery | one month in

It’s been about a month since I started an adrenal fatigue/dysfunction regimen after an intense season of stress in our family.

The main focus has been on an adrenal-friendly diet and modifying some lifestyle habits. In the first two weeks I managed to lose 8 pounds. This was very encouraging because my weight has been a big concern; elevated cortisol is no friend to the waistline.

The main changes I’ve made in my diet are cutting out all added sugars, especially refined ones. I am avoid all processed grains and only eating gluten-free whole grains. I’m avoiding caffeine, which means no chocolate or coffee or caffeinated teas. Frowny face. Breakfast is my largest/heartiest meal of the day, followed by lunch and then a light meal for dinner. My habits have typically been the opposite. These changes put less stress on my adrenals which allow them to recover and heal.

Deep breathing exercises several times a day and getting adequate amounts of sleep are another component of recovery, as is learning to say “no” to things as to avoid excessive busyness. Gentle exercise is something else I’m trying to consistently incorporate in to my daily routine. Having a dog that needs to be walked twice a day certainly helps.


Funny, I keep reflecting on my word/theme for the year: fruitful. I had an image in my mind of what I thought a fruitful life would look like – a rich inner life and a productive outer life. But as this year is playing out, it appears God is making me fruitful in different ways. It’s as if I am in a fall/winter season where there is lots of pruning and die-off of things in order for abundant life and growth can return. I fought this hard and resisted for a while, but have opened up to it and I can literally feel some of the stress has evaporated from my life.

Joy, hope and a zest for life are slowly returning. Spring is coming again.


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