Fruitful Thoughts

If I could be honest, I entered this year thinking being fruitful was all about me.

All about ME buckling down, tightening up.

ME having a tight grip of control on various areas of my life.

If I was going to be fruitful this year it was all on ME.

What a load of <insert poop emoji here>!

This weekend I read John 15 where Jesus used the agrarian metaphor of vines, branches and fruit to drive home what it really means to walk with Him.

And guess what?

He said nothing about having control, being in charge, or having more discipline.

According to Jesus, fruit is an after effect of a branch being connected to and living off the vine. Jesus is the vine, the giver of life and nourishment for my soul. I am a branch connected to Him. IF I remain connected to the Vine, then and only then will the fruits of that connection grow. Just as a branch disconnected from a vine won’t grow fruit, I can expect to live a fruitless life without staying intimately connected with my Vine.

Read it: John 15:1-7

So I thought long and hard about my Word for the year and how I’ve anticipated my year turning out [“I’m going to do BIG things and have control of my life.”]. It hit me square between the eyes. What I really meant when I set out to be fruitful this year was that I wanted to be in control of the details in my life.

Doing life in my own strength will yield zero fruit.

And so far it has. I’ve accomplished some things …

But I am tired, stressed, burned out, short-tempered and full of myself.

That is not the kind of fruit I want to be growing.

I need to be more concerned with abiding and living with Christ than bearing fruit. Knowing Christ is the goal. Bearing fruit is the bi-product.

“Fruitful” has suddenly taken on a new meaning.

John 15 1 2 3 4 5


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