Blogging: Take 2

Late 2015 I announced that a [former] blog I owned, Holistic Homemaking, was shutting down. Call it burn out, busyness, or just moving in to a new chapter of life if  … basically I grew tired of the whole blog scene (the kind where you are constantly trying to drive followers and traffic to your site). I daydreamed constantly about how wonderful it would be to blend in to the background and not feel like I was trying to get people to notice me.

I let my domain and hosting contracts expire, and it felt good to have that chapter close. In the months following, I’ve felt completely okay with not trying to be a professional blogger anymore.

But (there’s always a but, right) I am an extroverted, external thinker and although journaling and talking with my husband was great for helping me work through things, I still needed an outlet for my thoughts … something to help me feel like I was thinking out loud to someone else.

So here I am again, but this time things are different. Unlike my former blogging days, I am writing more of a catalog of my thoughts. I don’t want this to simply be an encyclopedia of natural and simple living, but a documentation of how I am navigating through life.

If you’d like to mosey along with me, I’d love for you to follow. I have a newsletter sign-up as well if you’d like to get occasional updates from me.


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